Social Sneaker

Social Sneaker is your online destination for where to eat, drink, play and other off-beat pieces that distract you from what you should really be doing (read: checking your boss’ email, watering your cactus and reaching level 97 on Candy Crush).

Launching in 2014, Social Sneaker was birthed after our former boss went MIA to prison. Jobs = gone.

Insert: Social Sneaker.

We’re bringing you the latest bars and eateries, where to party this weekend (or where the mid-week cocktail deals are to drown your sorrows),  and plenty of hard-hitting health news (will spinach and broccoli forever be in kale’s shadow as the green supreme?)

Did your invite get lost in the mail to all the best parties and events in town? Our Society Pages section will recap and let you know exactly what you missed out on (or didn’t).

Need a break from your constantly-yelling-sex-deprived superior at work or your overly-demanding pet goldfish? Our Gen Y section will keep your brain stimulated and entertained, temporarily keeping you from wondering why that hot bartender hasn’t opened your Snapchat yet. His loss.

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