Editorial Policy // SOCIAL SNEAKER


From time to time, Social Sneaker will be running competitions. We know that some of our readers are friends, ex-colleagues, drunk girls we bonded with briefly at uni and never really spoke to again… the point is, we know some of them. Most we don’t.

We’re not going to discriminate from people we know entering our competitions, because where do you cut it off? People you haven’t seen in the last month? People who you used to hang out with but now the only interaction you have is to write happy birthday on their wall once a year? Less than 10 mutual friends?

Instead, we’re promising you that our personal loyalties will not be factored into our decisions. Every competition will involve answering a question, and the best answer will win. Simple.

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Our event recaps are personalised experiences of our night, and unless we actually went to your event, please don’t ask us to run socials. Especially awkward if you didn’t invite us in the first place.


Lucky for us, we have a team of personal trainers, nutritionists, dieticians athletes, and basically people who know their shit to turn to whenever we bring you a health-related story.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.