10 Favourite Fashion Moments in Gossip Girl

1. Serena in the green finale dress made by Jenny

This crucial moment was meant to debut Little J’s talent for designing – but what we really cared about was how hot Serena looked strutting down that runway. And how Blair would be fuming about it later on.


2. Blair ditching her date with the Prince to go after Chuck at the train station in Paris

This, hands down, was the most beautiful scene in Gossip Girl history. The Oscar de La Renta dress was already perfect in itself with its soft ruffles and simple elegance, but to have it in red was just the show-stopping effect the scene needed. Not only is it such a complementing colour on Leighton Meester, but against the lit backdrop of Paris’ busy train station and Chuck’s ‘earnest-living’ outfit, we’re going to pretend this dress was made custom for this epic Chuck and Blair scene, because we really couldn’t picture anyone else wearing it.


3. Serena in the gold jacket and blue pants ensemble in Paris

In the same episode, Serena is seen running all around Paris, finding Chuck, and telling Blair that he in fact, ALIVE! The show’s costume designer Eric Daman said he was inspired by Wonder Woman, and tried to give both girls a superhero effect (because they were trying to saving Chuck from disappearing for good). While we know Blair stole the show in red, Daman gave Serena a gold Emilio Pucci jacket and cropped cobalt blue suit pants by Tibi, which was memorable in its own right.


4. Jenny and Agnes swapping outfits

The original hipsters. And a throwback to MySpace. #TomIsNotMyFriend.


5. Chuck asking Blair if she has real feelings for Lord Marcus

Another beautiful Chuck and Blair scene that’s almost as breath-taking as the one in Paris. Almost, I said. Set in The Hamptons, Chuck catches a glimpse of the heart-shaped pin on Lord Marcus’ sleeve (that Blair strategically placed) and excuses himself from brunch. Blair runs after him, and together they create another teary but beautiful scene in Chair history. The green and white theme runs all throughout, right down to their outfits and outdoor décor.


6. Everyone at the Vitamin Water White Party

Blair and her signature headband. Chuck and his well-tailored suit. Nate and his knit cardigan. Serena and her Grecian goddess dress. Yes. That perfect Oscar De La Renta gown. “It was actually a last minute fashion disaster diversion,” Daman reveals. “Ms. Serena was supposed to wear a very sexy, menswear inspired tuxedo to the White Party (backless vest and wide pant). The vest was originally a bright white (a no-no for hi-def TV!), so we innocently had it dyed down a bit, but it came back two sizes smaller! We were fitting Blake on our truck the a.m. of the shoot and it just wasn’t working… luckily this gorg gown was just hanging out, and poof, with a belt in her hair, she was the belle of the ball!”


 7. Serena in the yellow ‘bridesmaid’ dress at Lily and Bart’s wedding

Serena and her ample cleavage never fails to disappoint, and this Ralph Lauren dress earns a well-deserved spot in the gallery of van der Woodsen’s bosoms.


8. Jenny at her guerilla fashion show

With her tiny frame and baby face, it’s easy to remember that Little J is literally more ‘little’ than the others. But in this old-world outfit that’s reminiscent of the 20s, Jenny looks all-grown up – which is what she was trying to prove to her father Rufus. You’ll be surprised to find that not every dress on the GG set is high-fashion – matching her Brooklyn roots, Jenny’s cream and black dress was from H&M and shoes from Aldo. Who says you can’t look good on a budget?


9. Serena and her professor boyfriend Colin going public with a fountain make-out mesh

While Colin was uber hot, if I was asked to choose between him and this exquisite Zuhair Murad dress, I’d choose the dress, no contest. It’s never going to wake up in the morning and tell me it doesn’t love me anymore will it? That, and it’s not cousins with people who are trying to destroy my life.


10. Every time Blair Waldorf wore a green coat

Sure, there’s way better outfits that Queen B has donned, but she deserves a spot in the list for being able to pull off that shade of green every time. #Appreciation.




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