STYLE // How to look glam (but not OTT) at the beach this summer

As a child, ‘going to the beach’ simply meant a day of fun, building sandcastles and burying your parents in the sand while they fell asleep in the sun. For a fashionista, it’s another chance to dress up and inject their own personality to an outfit. A beach day isn’t just taking a dip in Sydney’s surf anymore – it can range from tanning on Bondi’s grassy knoll to cocktails at The Bucket List, followed by a sweet treat at Messina. By accessorising your beach wear, it can carry you between all occasions with ease.

Ditch the Havis for embellished sandals

Sure, they’re pretty much a national icon, but the first step to looking more glam than grunge is to slip into a pair of embellished sandals instead of rocking rubber Havis. If jewelled embellishments not your thing, choose bright colours and strappy styles for an understated but still uber chic look.


 Wear a floppy beach hat

Bringing back the vibes of the 70s, floppy hats are one of those items that’s best worn for style rather than functionality – but people often forget the several reasons hats are one of the most versatile accessory pieces. Not only does it keep your face away from the sun, which means less wrinkles and sun spots, but bad hair  wigs days are no longer a problem. Studies have shown that people first look at you from head to toe, so with a stylish floppy hat or fedora, it’s guaranteed to cop a stare lasting longer than a few seconds.


Don a sexy cover-up

Sure, denim Daisy Duke shorts and a singlet is a summer beach staple, but that’s if you want to look like every ‘basic bitch’ (#sorrynotsorry). For something different, invest in a cover-up such as a colourful kaftan, a maxi-wrap prom dress or a crochet number.

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Carry a bright beach tote

Some of us are lucky enough to own a designer bag, and those who do will probably try and preserve its quality by taking care of it. While celebs are a superior breed who can afford to carry their luxury Louis Vuitton and Goyard bags to the beach, the rest of us will have to settle on something a little less costly – but that doesn’t mean style has to be compromised. To be able to carry your bag from day to night, stay away from anything made of straw or jelly and instead, opt for bright colours and patterns for that added glam factor.

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