Swarovski debut their collaboration with Viktor & Rolf with a fabulous garden te(quila) party

Last Friday saw celebration of two international fashion powerhouses combine their powers to create a stunning SS15 collection. Swarovski x Viktor & Rolf? You can already guess the end result will be nothing short of amazing.

Coming together at the Lions Gate Lodge and the Royal Botanical Gardens, a stylish and sleek crowd enjoyed cocktails dress, croquette and the party’s crown jewels. An elaborate media wall of florals created a beautiful ambience of a garden party, but instead of tea, we sipped on tequila. Tequila cocktails that is, supplied by Patrón (no tequila fountain distributing shots here, sorry guys). Fun fact? The drinks were made especially to reference the colour palette of the new collection. #Kudos.

Guests included Laura Csortan, Laura Dundovic, Timomatic, Tanja Gacic, Margaret Zhang, Talia Flower, Carissa Walford, Magdalena Roze, Nadia Farfax and Erin Holland, which made for great people-watching, especially when it’s accompanied by a flow of tequila.

As the evening rolled around, guests were gifted a goody bag and a bouquet of flowers, while I trotted on to ivy Pool Club and participated in some heavy flirting with a guy for and hour and a half before he shamefully admitted he had a girlfriend. Dick.

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