Telstra payphones will become wireless hot spots, further fuelling your internet addiction


Telstra’s new plans to turn old payphones into wireless hot spots will further fuel your internet addiction

Remember those things called payphones? You know, those things we used to put 40c in to call mum or dad for a lift from the station when your credit ran out? No?

Then you’re probably too young to be on this site. So GTFO.

No but seriously. Telstra is finally doing something with those communication boxes, and what they’re transforming them into will be every social media addicts’ best friend.

Telstra is splashing out $100 million dollars on a project that will reconstruct old payphone booths to wi-fi hot spots. An estimated two million hot spots will be rebuilt across the country within the next five years.

If you’re within 100 meters of the phone-booth-turned-hot-spot, you can expect to enjoy a speed of two megabits per second. Not bad if you’re about to max out your phone data.

The network will officially launch early next year and will work by having existing Telstra customers sharing their bandwidth. Those who do will receive free access to any hot spot, and data will be deducted from their home allowance. The connection will split into two – private and public, leaving the home speed unaffected.

1000 hot spots will be able for use by November free of charge during the trial period. Locations are said to be at Sydney’s Bondi Beach, Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall, Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall and Perth’s central business district, with a maximum hot spot range of 30-50 metres.

Meanwhile, Telstra is going to build 8000 of their own hot spots, and after the trial period, if you’re not one of their own, expect to pay a fee, while existing customers with fixed-line contracts can access them for free. Their aim? To steal the other telco companies’ customers. OK so stealing is a bit dramatic. Let’s stick with ‘making the switch’.

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