INTERVIEW // The girl that jumped out of an aeroplane for an internship opportunity with Alphatise

A rite of passage for Gen Y these days is an internship. Offering free manual labour isn’t enough however, so some of us go that extra step, with an eager-to-please attitude, and a grin forever plastered on our faces. Others however, prove their worthiness by jumping out of an aeroplane (a major feat if you’re terrified of heights).

Anna Bezuglova, a 19 year old student of the University of Sydney did just that. She’s currently studying commerce, majoring in economics and finance and wants to desperately win the ‘World’s Greatest Internship’ for e-commerce start-up company Alphatise.

For those who aren’t aware, what is Alphatise and what made you want to be a part of it?

Alphatise is a new, innovative, Sydney based start-up that is allowing buyers to set the price for a product that they desire. In this way, both consumer and seller win, the consumer has more price setting power while the seller is guided by demand thereby eliminating a lot of costs associated with creating supply. I’m truly excited by this as I am very business minded and would love to be a part of such a game changing company, which has set some incredible targets for 2015. As I’m currently in my first year of university, this experience would be life changing for me, and set me on a path towards my dream career in business.

What’s the most extravagant purchase you made? How much would you have liked to pay instead?

Probably my Prada sunglasses! (Which I’ve now lost in a Japanese restaurant in Melbourne, go me). I paid $380 for them and they were my pride and joy when I still had them. I would definitely like to replace them, but a price of $250 would be much more motivating if I were to repurchase.

So why jump out of a plane?

I knew the competition would be tough, and I really wanted to portray my dedication to the cause. Alphatise recently waited in line for 10 days for the new iPhone 6, all just to give it away, I wanted to show them I was prepared to go to extreme lengths in order to make an impact and be a part of their company.

Besides jumping out of planes, what also sets you apart from the other applicants?

I’m incredibly positive and eager to learn! I’m ready to absorb as much information and grow into a savvy business woman within the team environment. Most of all, I will give everything I have to being the best intern, I make a killer latte but also am eager to be a part of the many creative projects and achieve the ambitious targets set by Alphatise.

How would you react if you won?

Probably cry a little. But also, I’ve recently pledged to donate $2 for every vote that I have received by the end of the competition to a worthy Sydney charity (even if I don’t win). I’m looking into which charity specifically, but most likely something related to mental disorders in youth or homelessness.

You’ve got two options: acquire an internship with Alphatise, or never be able to eat your favourite food again. Be honest  – which would you choose?

This is hard. I have a serious addiction to Zumbarons, I once ate 6 in one sitting and never felt more sick (so worth it though). BUT they are unhealthy and probably not doing my butt any good so it’d be for the best if I gave them up forever. So despite the huge sacrifice I’d make, I would definitely choose the internship.

To vote for Anna on Alphatise, click here.

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