REVIEW // The Lemon Tree @ Australia Square

With its crisp, white décor and summery vibe, The Lemon Tree is a refreshing addition to the otherwise grungy Australia Square. Located right in the heart of Sydney’s concrete jungle, the little Italian haven lures people in far and wide after a long workday. With its promise of unwinding over authentic cuisine, Italian aperitivi and a touch of jazz, is it any wonder?

The Lemon Tree is the new venture of renowned hospitality duo, Tim Holmes a Court and Daimon Downey, who opened the successful Pelicano Bar in Double Bay. Just to complete the dream team, Kate McMahon (of Catalina) joined them – and clearly, the stars aligned. The result is a little slice of southern Italy nestled amongst the city’s buildings.

The Lemon Tree is all about local fresh produce, and simple Italian dishes that replicate the flavours of the European region. Head chef Peter Streckfuss makes it clear that he’s earned his stripes, and showcases southern Italy beautifully. Holmes a Court is particularly passionate about the Amalfi Coast, which is claims is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and he’s determined to bring the taste and culture to The Lemon Tree. He’s nailed it, and for that, we are eternally grateful. Something I certainly expressed by consuming as much of said cuisine as humanly possible. #NoRagrets

The menu is the real deal, and is divided into primi, secondi and contorni – so you’re absolutely spoiled for choice. The challenge lies in choosing just one main. For a hearty and incredibly satisfying dish, opt for the creamy polenta with Portobello mushrooms. The cherry on top is the perfectly melted slice of taleggio. Cue the collective sigh of cheese connoisseurs everywhere. To pretend you’re negating all the creamy goodness you’ve just gorged on, order a rocket and Parmesan salad as a side – perfectly crisp and refreshing. Shortly after taking a seat, the waiter hands you a basket of crusty Italian bread, which no mere mortal can deny. And will proceed to inhale roughly four slices. You’d be forgiven.


Vibe: Relaxing over a leisurely lunch on the Amalfi Coast (minus the views of course, but the feed makes up for it)
Cost: $$-$$$
The Crowd: Business people keen to let their hair down via a few cheeky drinks after work


Address: Australia Square Piazza (Corner Pitt Sreet and Bond Street), Sydney
Phone:  (02) 9241 1685
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, noon to midnight

Find The Lemon Tree’s Facebook page.

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