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Here’s a fun fact: before Social Sneaker was Social Sneaker, we used to be based in Bondi Junction. It’s been a while since we’ve been back in the area, so naturally, we’ve forgotton how good looking the boys were down here. We got a friendly reminder when we made our way down to our old playground for Bondi Hardware‘s ‘End of Summer’ party.


Local’s favourite Bondi Hardware (owned by Applejack Hospitality, who are behind The Botanist Kirribilli and SoCal Neutral Bay) celebrated turning two with an ‘End of Summer’ party.


Over 200 locals, friends, media and Sydney’s tastemakers attended, including Psy impersonator Teddy Kim, Tara Rushton, Arrnott Olssen, Simon Hancock, Tali Jatali and Matt Doran. Yeah we’re not entirely sure who some of them are either but I’m sure they’re an attractive bunch.


  • A big pot of Mai Tais were being served, only we couldn’t grab one due to a cup shortage
  • Hardware Hoolas (Ketel One Vodka, lime, coconut syrup, raspberry puree and cream)
  • Tiki bar ‘Blue Steel’ (Pampero Especial Rum, Blue curacao, lime, pineapple, orange and orgeat syrup)
  • Vale Ale, Vale Lager and Batlow Premium Cider were also served along with Forrest Pinot Gris and Villa Sandi Prosecco


  • Beef sliders
  • Buttermilk fried chicken drumettes with smoked honey mustard dressing
  • Whitefish ceviche tostadas
  • Pork and fennel sausage rolls
  • Mac and cheese croquettes
  • Harissa lamb skewers
  • Cider-glazed root vegetable salad with spelt and pumpkin seed


Since there was a Hawaiian beach theme, guests were greeted at the door by getting lei’d. A HUGE pot of what I thought was punch was being served by a guy holding a ladle, only to find out it was Mai Tais. When I tried to order four however, we were told there was a glass shortage.

That’s OK. Plan B: relocate to the bar. So we did, only the ‘line’ was absolutely bonkers. We squeezed past the sea of Hawaiian shirts and settled on passing the time for some fun in the photo booth (provided by JL Images), along with their props of coconut bras, grass skirts and Tiki masks (if you’ve been reading our event reviews, you know we love a good photo booth sesh). We tried to wait for the line to die down at the bar, but right when we almost came to terms with not being able to drink that night, we found a nook at the bar to order drinks from. Clinking our glasses in victory only seemed appropriate.

If you’ve never been to Bondi Hardware, here’s a bit of an idea: it’s named after the hardware store that use to occupy the space, so naturally, it’s decked out with interiors of exposed brickwork, beams, high gabled ceilings and recycled timber. Cool right? It’s extremely dim-lit, so make-up touch ups aren’t as necessary (bonus!). It’s not a tiny place, but when you jam pack 200 people in the venue, you’re left feeling like the last bit of toothpaste being squeezed out.

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