4 Reasons For Choosing A Live Band As The Entertainment For Your Wedding Reception


What is a party without some music? Without music, the party becomes dull. In a wedding reception, good music is very important. Good music is noticed and remembered by everyone and becomes an example for other weddings. You can hire a DJ who will play your music in the reception or choose a live band.

Reasons to Have Live Band in Wedding Reception

A live band has its pros and cons. Sometimes you may find that some notes or lyrics are missing. You may also not like the remixes that are made by the band. However, live bands have their charm andimpress people in a wedding reception.

  • Instead of just listening to music, the guests have the chance to meet the band. This also gives a personal touch to the guests and the married couple. If the right kind of music is played, then it leaves a very good impression on the guests.
  • A live band engages the audience. This leaves no room for being formal. A good band will get the guests and the couple on the dance floor with their music. People see and listen to the band and get interested in the music that is being played by the band.
  • A band usually comes up with their own list of songs that are apt for performing in a wedding reception. The songs played by the band are mix of both classic and latest songs. Guests also request for special songs that the band plays for them. They play the songs that a guest requests and creates a memory for all. You can also share your list of songs with the band. However, this needs to be done in advance so that they can practice before the final performance.
  • Since there is little equipment involved while performing live, the chances of technical glitches are also less. Usually they need a speaker and electrical cords to fix their equipment. The equipment is brought by the band itself. Hence, you need not arrange anything for them.

Live bands are full of entertainment, interactive, fun, and lively. The band also comes up with a complete package for performing the wedding reception. A live band also sets a mood for the guests and the couple. The music is changed by the band according to the time and mood of the guests.

Where can a Live Band Perform For Your Wedding Reception?

Some of the best banquet halls in South Delhi have the flexibility to let live bands play for your wedding reception. The decorations and set up of the wedding reception in these banquets are done by keeping in mind your requirements and the requirements of the band. A nice and pleasant ambiance is required for live performance that is taken care of by the banquet hall.

Some of the popular banquet halls in South Delhi are Shagun Farm, The Kundan, Vilasa, Chhatarpur Central and Udman’s Utsav, etc.