5 Innovative Ways to Make a Better Shopping Experience


The competition in the retail industry is fiercer than ever due to the fact that the internet has opened up a portal of abundant choices and opportunities as to where and how the customer now can spend their time and money. With a number of e-commerce sites and subscription services mushrooming up and vying for customer’s attention.

Stan Phelps, an author, keynote speaker, and workshop facilitator truly said, “Customer experience isn’t an expense. Managing customer experience bolsters your brand.”

Hence we are required to provide a truly mesmerizing experience to our customers and stay ahead of our competition. To offer our customers something novel and unique, here are 5 Innovative Ways which will Make Shopping a Better Experience.

Minimize Lines:

We should take cognizance of the fact that today’s ‘get it now’ mentality and simply leverage from it, as people are no more very happy about standing in lines. We can help them by reducing line length. This can be achieved by the simple installation of a modern point of sale (POS) system or we can even go for an iPad system which will make the whole billing process easier and simpler. One more advantage of this system is that these systems often support e-wallet or mobile payment methods which make checkouts faster and efficient. Apart from these two strong advantages, the POS system can also help us with even marketing, customer relationship management, and reporting tools. There are also Various companies dedicated to this purpose such as GroupBy Inc. Which is a search, merchandising and SEO solution, which enabled by machine learning that can empower any digital team to deliver a personalized site experience that demonstrably increases online revenue, GroupBy Reviews empowers your firm and reduces the costs and IT complexities.

Shopping is social, so make it more fun:

It’s a very natural thing for customers to want to share their sharing experiences with their friends and family. For example, a Chicago Nordstrom has bought in a bar to its menswear department, which makes lingering over things such as a tie selection more fun and social. This can work well digitally too. As we can add smart mirrors in stores from where our customers can send an image easily via dressing room.


One thing which lefts store along with our products is Interactive retail displays which creates an immersive experience for our customers and something which stick with them and linger in their minds even when they are long gone after shopping. This can also be very good to put an inventory display, digital storytelling, or something interesting and captivating which will capture the attention of passersby.

Provide a personalized experience:

Personalization is something which everyone is looking for nowadays and offering it can go a long way to ensure that our customers get an unbelievable and immersive shopping experience which they will look forward to again and again. Every customer is unique in itself and we can provide a tailored and customize service to them by maintaining a profile of their past purchases and buying preference.

Train Store Associates to Care:

We should be wary of our staff’s behavior and teach and train them properly how to engage appropriately with the customers by being actively involved with them and actively listen to them, as well as being tactfully honest, so as to make sure that build a relationship rather than just making an immediate sale. As an honest bond of trust is a major component of business which will bring them as well as their friends to our store.