5 Medicinal Plant You Must Have in Your Garden

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Science is reaching heights today, but people continue to believe in herbs and plants for medicinal purposes. Even though the ratio of these people is quite low, plants are yet one of the most affordable treatments available. 

Did you know that the curry leaves, which add so much taste to your food can also help you lose weight? Similarly, garlic can also help you cure infections and fever. 

Medicinal plants do not only cure your illness, but it can also be used as a decorative piece too. Also, don’t you worry if you do not have a nursery near your home, you can buy medicinal plants online as well. 

So, stick through the article to find out more about medicinal plants and how can you grow them in your garden. 


Basil is widely popular as a magic herb, and the reasons are pretty obvious. It not only helps you add aromatic flavors to your food but also helps in solving discomforts related to stomach. This happens because of the oil present in basil leaves. The oil destroys fever, infection, and indigestion causing bacteria. Basil also has some surprising medicinal benefits; for instance, it can help a new mom produce more milk. 

Coming on to how can you grow and take care of basil plants? Just like any other plant, basil also needs proper water to grow. However, you will have to fertilize it to see the full growth of basil. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is the environment condition; one cannot grow basil in a cold environment. So, it is often advised to grow basil inside.


Aloe Vera is yet another medicinal plant that you can grow in your garden. You can buy this medicinal plant online or from a nursery in your neighborhood. Aloe Vera’s healing properties are commendable. It can help you with sunburn, skin irritations, insect bites, etc. It is excellent for acne as well. So, if you are having major skin problems, Aloe Vera is the right solution.

Growing and maintaining an Aloe Vera plant is very easy. All you need to do is keeping it in a place where climatic conditions do not change drastically. Also, fertilizing it regularly will help the plant’s growth.


The beauty and scent of Jasmine are mesmerizing; it is indeed a very soothing plant to have in your garden. People have been using this to cure mental as well as physical health problems. So, if you suffer from stress and depression, having Jasmine around you can help you big time. Besides, you can add Jasmine to your tea and enjoy significant health benefits. For instance, it boosts your metabolism and aid in weight loss. Jasmine also aids in digestion, and one can get rid of body toxins quick by the consumption of Jasmine. 

Growing a Jasmine plant can be a little challenging as it requires more care. Jasmine grows in a warm climatic condition. A typical jasmine soil should be full of nutritious components with adequate drainage. If you are planning on planting more than one jasmine plant, try to maintain a distance of 2m at least between them. This will eliminate any hassles in the growth.


Egyptians used garlic to cure dreadful diseases around 4000 years ago. Garlic comes with more benefits than anyone can ever think about. It can cure diseases like fever, heart problems, and intestinal parasites. The nutritious component present in garlic helps in boosting energy levels by getting rid of all infections. 

Excellently drained soil and availability of natural light is all a garlic plant asks. You can start the plantation at any point in time. Growing garlic plant is very effortless. 


Last but not least is the Chamomile plant, a beautiful and beneficial plant. Chamomile can be easily found in nurseries near you. If not, you can buy this medicinal plant online as well. Antioxidants present in Chamomile can help you attain a gorgeous skin and aids sleeping problems as well. So, you can either use it as an essential oil or consume it in the form of tea. 

Keeping your Chamomile plant in part shade to help it grow. Regular water and fertilization will increase the probability of full growth also medicinal plants are one of the best home essentials for our basic needs.