5 People Who Need to See a Podiatrist


Would you know if you are one of those who need frequent foot assessments and check-ups from medical experts in your area? You might not be aware of it, but you may already be a candidate to have regular visits to a reliable podiatry centre in Singapore. You may need immediate treatment procedures to alleviate your non-existent foot problem.

Moreover, consider yourself an outright patient if you are prone to experience leg issues and foot discomforts. Whether you’re experiencing an injury, a foot-related health condition, or none at all, you should make it a habit of visiting your doctors if you’re one of these people:

Sports Athlete

Athletes and sports buffs are some of the most high-risk people who are likely to suffer from foot-related problems. These include sprains, strains, and spasms that may lead to severe complications when left untreated. Visit a professional podiatrist in Singapore who can heal your injury within a limited duration of time.

What to do on your visit?

  • Discuss all symptoms you have felt from the first day you experienced them until the visit with your doctor.
  • Check with your podiatry clinic if they only use effective treatment plans that will prevent it from occurring again. Never sacrifice its efficiency only because you need to get back on training.
  • Request for a timeframe on when you should revisit them for your next assessments and procedures.
  • Share details of your previous sports injuries. The pain you’re feeling right now may be connected to your past foot problems.

Be vigilant of those occasional tingling sensations on your foot as they may be the initial signs of a possible injury. Let your podiatrist examine you in their clinic to detect limb problems and prevent them from aggravating as early as possible.

Outdoor Junkie

If you’re fond of outdoor activities like trekking, rock climbing, and hiking, then you should also visit a podiatry centre and have yourself checked before your leave. You should ensure that you’re fit to do your next adventure and avoid being caught helpless in the middle of nowhere.

What to do on your visit?

  • Share your outdoor plan with your doctor. These include the terrain you’ll pass through, activities you’ll do, and your expected weather condition on the day of your trip.
  • Tell about existent foot pain or conditions that you might have suffered from your previous activity. 
  • Request your podiatry clinic to run some tests and assessments on your legs and feet to see if they’re in their best conditions.
  • Ask some tips from your doctor on how you can administer immediate first aid in case you got injured during your trip.

Reconsider your plans if your foot specialist advised you to not to proceed with your travel. Never risk yourself of having severe foot problems just because of simple slips and twitches you might experience along the trail.

Injured Patient

Other than being an active person, you may also consider visiting a reliable podiatrist in Singapore if you are already suffering from an injury. Follow-up check-ups are essential to keep track of your condition and monitor your rehabilitation progress. Regardless of your foot problem, visit a specialist frequently to have your condition assessed.

What to do on your visit?

  • Show your previous medical records such as x-rays, scans, and prescriptions to your foot doctor.
  • Share any changes – positive or negative – you feel from your injury. Include the details on when and how you experienced them during your healing period.
  • Let your podiatry clinic reassess your injury if needed.
  • Tell everything about your condition, including any lingering discomfort or pain days after your initial treatment.

Request for new prescriptions or medications for any persisting pain. Furthermore, consider another treatment procedure to recuperate from your injury effectively.

Ageing Person

Elderlies are also prone to foot-related conditions that only a licensed podiatry clinic in Singapore can treat. These include joint pains, ulcers, infections, and leg wounds. You may also experience cases of swollen or inflamed limbs once you mature. So, don’t let these ageing problems hinder you as you grow older and seek professional assistance immediately.

What to do on your visit?

  • Share your medical history with your foot specialist as your limb conditions may be related with your pre-existing ailments.
  • Inform them of your medications and prescriptions to get the safest treatment plan for your foot issues.
  • Check with your podiatry centre if they offer several treatment options for ageing people like you.
  • Schedule regular visits with them before you proceed with your chosen procedure to treat your foot problem.

Always seek the approval of your family doctor before you agree with any treatment procedure offered by your foot specialist. Better yet, choose a professional team in the region that has a good reputation among their elderly patients.

Regular Citizen

Most importantly, you must regularly visit a podiatrist in Singapore if you commonly feel foot disorders and conditions. These include heel pain, foot numbness, and leg soreness due to your daily activities at home or in the office. You may also consider visiting a specialist if you suffer from an ingrown toenail, corns, calluses, nail fungi, and bunions.

What to do on your visit?

  • Inform your doctor about the pain, discomfort, and condition you’re experiencing.
  • Tell or show them the symptoms and signs you have felt during your ailment.
  • Consider different treatment options that your podiatry clinic may offer ranging from medications, surgical procedures, and therapy sessions.
  • Ask for possible DIY remedies to alleviate your discomfort while you’re at home.

Remember to revisit your foot specialist after your initial assessment since you may need follow-up procedures to treat your disorder. Moreover, choose to visit ECPC (KP) and let their expert podiatrists in Singapore check your foot condition. Check their website now to book an appointment with their experts.