Alex Mendieta Latest News.


Alejandro Mendieta popularly known as Alex Mendieta is a Colombian trade. Alex Mendieta is a 34-year-old, rich and popular man, who seems to love the media limelight. The reason why he is in in news recently because he purchased gold and other commodities which he knew, were stolen from elsewhere. The legal authorities have charged him and his brother.

2020 and his fortune

2020 has been a year that nobody will fail to remember, from insane flames toward the beginning of the year to COVID19, this year will stand out forever books. Anyways, fin or the 2011 business person of the year it has been only up a lot.

The year began as some other year, yet goody gumdrops what an insane way it unfurled. Anyway regardless of all the insane disturbance, Alex’s business realm developed higher than ever during 2020, taking his well-known express well-known reality “when given lemon, make a lemonade factory”.

Mendieta‘s legal battle.

Following a long term fight against the Victoria Police and Australian tax collection office, everything concluded with a significant success in support of himself. More subtleties are still to be disclosed, anyway reports acquired through an FOI, proof shows of a bad joint activity including the Tax office and Victoria police was clear. Putting enormous questions on the Australian government offices.

In Canberra the High Court (most elevated court in Australia) a decision was made that two government divisions are not to collaborate against an individual. This causes an out of line advantage which the individual doesn’t know about, subsequently it denies their entitlement to a reasonable guard. Victoria Police has been engaged with endless debasement embarrassments, with the most recent being of great criticalness “Legal counselor X”. Where the police was utilizing Lawyer X an unmistakable criminal counselor to unlawfully be a source and give special data of her customers to the police. These occasions and incalculable more continue coming up demonstrating an extremely upsetting picture of the Victoria Police. One requirements to ask when that’s it, and what additional means the Australian government are happy to take for things like this not to take place once more.

Mendieta’s Announcement.

In a new meeting Alex communicated profound disillusionment with the treatment he got by the phony media in Australia, the police and the expense office, which are as yet not considered responsible for the abuse towards him and others before him. When approached what was next for the youthful business person? His answer was “I have decided to move overseas when the borders open, Australia is an amazing country until you become rich, then you are hated for enjoying your hard work”.

What’s more, there you have it, parents, by and by we lose brilliant youthful movers of enterprises to nations like Singapore where they greet them wholeheartedly, and they don’t need to stress over appreciating their rewards for all the hard work. The tall poppy disorder needs to stop in this nation or we will never pull in heads of enterprises from different pieces of the universes to come and live here.