Cold showers and the health benefits you stand to gain


A hot luxurious shower is what would be at the back of your mind of a long and tiring day at work. Not to mention, the soothing hot water slithering down your body when you get out of the bed after a cozzynights sleep.  It is indeed enjoyable rather than having a shower with bone-chilling water especially in the cold winter month. The thought of having to have a cold shower would be nerve wrecking.  But, the Benefits of cold showers are many that it would indeed be worthwhile to have a cold shower.

 Cold Shower- is it something special?

 Often referred to as James Bond Shower or Scottish shower, it refers to the process of turning the temperature down to freezing cold when you are about to finish your bath. This is considered to be very effective in boosting your skin health and is considered to offer a plethora of health benefits to your body. The Benefits of cold showers thus makes it a worthwhile method to employ.

Benefits that accrue

 The benefits you can expect by having a cold shower include

  • Increased Alertness– It is indeed shocking to feel the cold water run down your body especially on a cold morning. But, the body responds to this shock by means of deep breathing which would help to keep the body warm. This would help in increasing the intake of oxygen as well as increase the heart rate which in turn would release a rush of blood through your body. This means you are left alert and energetic throughout the day.
  • Maintaining hair and skin health– While hot water bath is soothing to the skin, it actually dries out your skin in the long run. The Benefits of cold showers lie in the fact that the cold water can seal the pores in the skin as well as the scalp and prevent it from dirt and grime by tightening the cuticles and pores. This means that skin and hair health is maintained.
  • Improved immunity and circulation– immunity and circulation or two sides of a coin. When the blood circulation is good, the immunity tends to be better too. cold showers as you know has the ability to stimulate the blood circulation.  This, in turn, would boost the immunity as well.
  • Speeding up recovery from muscle soreness– Studies have shown that 24- minute cold water bath was effective in relieving sore muscles after 1-4 days after exercise.
  • Reducing stressBenefits of cold showers was evident in a study conducted in 1994. It showed that the participants who swam in ice-cold water during winter were more adaptive to repeated oxidative stress. Cold showers were believed to keep the antioxidants performing at an optimal level.
  • Relieving depression– Having a cold shower is believed to relieve you of depression symptoms. This is owing to the electrical impulse that the cold shower causes the peripheral nerve endings.  This has the ability to boost the mood and produce an anti-depressive effect.

If you are a person who is fixated to taking hot showers, it is time you give cold showers a try considering the many health benefits that you stand to gain.