Explore new and challenging experiences in new Englandsummer camp


The camps that are arranged mainly for boys in England are really unique. The environment is just exciting and very challenging. The camps are created for children to search for opportunities and explore new things in life. The boys are encouraged to develop new skills and accomplish whatever they have in their mind.

What is the aim of the program?

The main intention of the summer camp in new England is to foster the growth of an individual. They, in this process will learn to live and thrive as a part of the reality and a social community. The boys in the camp are asked to choose every day a new activity. It can be either rock climbing too many more creative pursuits. The children are allowed to participate in various activities like music, dance and also dramatics. There are children who love to explore in the fields of photography, dramatics and pottery.

The camper of the new England summer camp can design his days according to his own choice, but under the guidance of the counsellors. These experienced counsellors were also a part of this camp in their childhood; do can guide the boys in a better way.

What do the campers achieve?

  • The campers are allowed  full independence to develop within them a feeling of awareness as well as responsibility.
  • They have a choice, either to focus on one discipline or develop a particular skill to excel.
  • The camp organisers have formulated the ideals of the camp with a combination of both structure and independence.
  • This will help the children to build their life skills and can face the challenges of life easily.

The camp basically focuses upon the growth of the individual but also explains to them the value of community life. The campers gradually learn to share amongst their peers, their feelings and their aspirations.