Frozen Pipes Can Lead To A Damaging Water Leak: 3 Reasons

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Water leaks have become a very common problem in the home. Water damage, particularly that which occurs due to water damage from frozen pipes, can be a significant problem for the homeowner. You might not realize that damage to your plumbing, particularly pipes that are frozen, is something that can occur. But if you are a property owner, then you already know how a leak can harm your pipes and damage your home.

If you are a homeowner who has been affected by water damage caused by frozen pipes, there are several solutions that you can choose from to repair the damage. Depending on the extent of the damage, each of these solutions could take several months or even years to repair. So, you might as well call in professional Chicago water damage services to save time and money. But it is important to choose the best one available for your specific needs.

For most homeowners, the solution for their frozen pipes is to simply thaw the pipes with a special heating element. As you would expect, this solution requires electricity to operate. The same equipment that is used for this purpose also has the ability to use up a lot of electricity, to avoid the possible cost to the utility company. If you plan to do this on your own, or if you don’t have any tools, then it will probably be more cost-effective to purchase and install these heaters and filters that will come in the form of a heater/filter kit.

It is best to employ a professional Chicago water damage services to help when you are trying to thaw the pipes that have been damaged by frozen pipes. It is usually a good idea to hire a professional service when you have more serious damage to your pipes. Professional help can be very useful if you have more serious damage to your pipes. However, it is important to note that some damage is too severe for them to fix. Below are 3 reasons your pipes may be at risk for freezing.

Water Pipes that are located in the Exterior Walls

Water pipes situated in the external walls of the house may be susceptible to freezing. It is because they do not have adequate insulated protection to shield them from freezing temperatures within the exterior of the walls.

If Pipes are Located in the Attic or The Basement

Pipes that are installed in attics or basements often have a greater propensity to freeze. Because it is usually cold in these areas, these pipes do not get the same amount of heat as the rest of the home. If the attic or basement has not been finished it is most likely that the pipes may not be adequately insulated.

During a Change in Climate

Each year, during the winter, thousands of Chicago-area homes and companies fall prey to the same disaster: frozen pipes cracking on the verge of bursting, causing flooding and damage to their property and furnishings, putting you at risk of lots of collateral damage and can spoil the holiday season. Preventing frozen pipes will be your prime concern every winter.

One of the best things about choosing the right Chicago water damage services is that they will know what to do and how to do it the right way. They will know what type of problems will need to be treated first and how to do it. Some people prefer to call in a plumber to help them because they only get to deal with one specific problem at a time. However, when the plumber is working on the entire house, it can be confusing and disorganized. A specialist that deals with different types of services can make it easy.

For residential services, finding a professional that specializes in Chicago water damage should be your first choice. It can be difficult to determine what should be done on a one-on-one basis. It is important to do some research first before calling to make sure you are going to get a professional to come out and do the work.