How to Become a Financial Advisor: 5 Things You Need to Know


What according to you is the role of a financial planner? Is it limited to catering to the requirement of financial aspects? The role of the professional is much more than that. Apart from helping the company making decisions relating to finances, a major role is to build a relationship with the clients and make them feel comfortable.

Everyday new businesses launch, the majority of them on-board the financial advisor, what if the professional is arrogant and egoistic, what impression will the person leave on an entrepreneur. Will the client refer to others and follow him? It is beyond imagination.

Good Communicator

The expert will keep the communication with the client direct and clear. The solutions they provide should be well-structured with step by step analysis. Do not opt to prepare complex charts and statistics. If they fail to understand your recommendations, then what’s the point of hiring you?

Give them a solution that is easy to understand and use, so that people can track their success and feel confident.

Success Driven Approach

What if you come across a person who is more interested in making his or her profit rather than working to help you out. You will be disappointed and get rid of that person.

Many financial advisors forget their purpose to earn the commission. Don’t forget that people hire you to help them, to make their business better. They expect from you. So don’t be selfish and self-centered.

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Problem Solver

In professional life, you will come across many different kinds of people having distinctive mind-set and attitudes. Many times, the client will depend on you to seek advice other than financial matters. Some may face the communication problem while others have gone through any trauma or addiction.

In these cases provide them the best possible solution to build trust and credibility.

Find the niche

Can a urologist treat the diabetic patient? Needless to say no. The financial advisor needs to find their domain and area of interest, whether they want to serve IT company, FMCG, automobile, or restaurants. Every field needs extensive research; they have different technological aspects, competitors, and market trends.

Having expertise in a particular domain helps build contacts with clients and serving clients having common things is better.

Know your customer

The purpose of ‘KYC’ is to prevent money laundering and for better investment prospects. It is necessary to have some information about the client to serve them better.

There is no harm in building good relations with the client, connect with them on social media, and maintain healthy communication with them.