How to Optimize Images for SEO


Images are a big part of the content on your website, and they not only make the content more appealing and attractive and bring in a lot of traffic to your website. Choose the right SEO company to ensure that your images are optimized. Optimizing the images on your website is just as important as optimizing the text on your website, and here is how to do it. 

Add animations to your images.

Animations are undeniably something that enriches user experience in almost any circumstance. This extra effort will help your website become more appealing to most users. You can animate anything and everything in your website, starting from the logos, the icons, and add transitions to a different part of the website. Animations can also be used to highlight specific key areas of the website. Choose the right Digital Marketing Company in Delhi to add the right animations to the images.

If you want your website to stand out and stay in the game, you need to add good animations. Putting in the extra effort and paying attention to detail always helps. 

Use relevant images.

You need to use the right image for your content. People are more attracted to your website by the kind of photos you have rather than the actual text. Make your photos attractive so that people click on them and reach your webpage. 

Make sure there is a clear connection between your image and your text when you put it up. People are more likely to look at the image for a few seconds rather than reading the entire text. Try to keep the image crisp and clear.

Resolution and copyright.

The kind of images that you use on your website will define your rankings. Pick images that do not have a copyright claim and get the rights if they come with copyright. In addition to that, choose images of the highest quality and resolution. 

The better the resolution, the better your website looks and the higher your ranking will get. Also, make sure that there is no watermark on the website; it affects your ranking significantly. Stay away from using low-quality and copyrighted images. 

Use softer tones for your images.

It is always advisable to use a calmer and pleasant color scheme while picking a color scheme for your pictures. Depending on the type of website and the content you are producing on it, your color palette needs to adapt to the website’s overall theme.

Having smoother colors on your website will allow the user to increase their attention span as there are no spikes of emotions running through his head. These kinds of psychological tricks can help attract more attention from the user, increasing their overall visiting time. A softer tone has a soothing and more appealing effect on a viewer/reader’s mind and thus can be helpful in the overall appeal of the website. 

Scale the image well

To optimize the images on your website to perfection, you need to make sure that they are placed efficiently on the web page. Make sure they blend in with the theme of the webpage, do not have any unnecessary texts on them, and are in the right aspect ratio. Also, try to keep the image and the relevant text close to each other for maximum impact. Pick images that more or less have the same color scheme as the webpage.

To make sure that the images on the website are well optimized, you need to follow the above guidelines and get rid of all the unnecessary images on your website and keep only the necessary images for the content on your website. If you are not a professional webs developer it is recommended to hire web designing company in Delhi, India. They will not only give aesthetic look to your website but make it SEO-friendly.