How to Thrive as a Leader in the Tech Industry


When it comes to leading a tech team of people, leaders should devise a clear strategy and plan.  Leaders in tech should be dedicated and focused in order to do their job properly, especially in an industry where changes are inevitable. 

If you think you could use some help, read the following tips about what it takes to be an effective leader. 

Set Goals

Like in any industry, setting goals is the first step a leader should take to ensure their team is on the same page. Clearly stating goals not only bring the teams together but it also welcomes each new project with enthusiasm.

Give Guidance

Now that the goals have been determined, the next step to thriving as a leader in the tech industry is to give guidance.  While your team is working on meeting their goals, be there to provide mentorship and be open about your intention to help them learn and improve.  

A true leader like Eric Schaer values their team and recognizes the good work that they do.  Eric Schaer Omni World Holdings also provides feedback during every step, showing his team that he truly cares about their efforts.  

Check in on the Competition

Another quality of an effective leader in a tech team is that they always know what’s going on within the industry and they work hard to stay current.  In tech, it seems like everyday something new happens, new trends appear, and things change quickly. As a leader, you have to keep up.

Keep Organized

There is nothing worse than a leader who is unorganized or who doesn’t know how to project manage.  A good leader needs to be apprised on everything that’s happening within their organization.  Then they need to be able to juggle all of those tasks and be able to take control.

This may mean organizing the team’s schedule, setting deadlines and prioritizing goals.


Time and time again, a leader may want to take matters into their own hands and do all of the work themselves.  This is not going to help you become a better leader, in fact, it will only burn you out.  You need to be able to delegate assignments to your team members and even challenge them with tasks they’ve never handled before.  Most likely, they’ll be able to handle it and you can focus on other priorities. 

Encourage Innovation

Perhaps the single most important thing to remember when leading a tech team is to encourage innovation.  Afterall, technology is innovative in its own right, and, if you don’t encourage creativity and innovation, you might never know your company’s full potential.