Intricate Facts About Topping in Transsexual World



In the Trans escort world, the topping is a challenge for the Trans girls because they feel that their womanhood is at stake. They think if they had to leave the bottom then they would be shifting away from the straight women’s sexual expectation of being penetrated. 

Ogling eyes

Lingering eyes make topping feel more fraught. She feels like her cock is not hers but the genitals of the person bottoming are more worthy. An unexpected bulge underneath her dress signals the peeping Toms towards an anomaly that needs an invasive inspection. A penis trapped in an attractive body of a woman is an impending sexual threat. 

Shemale in Paris has topped because some men like to be submissive and Trans woman is a great option. They have been topped with their regular female partner with a strap-on but with a Trans escort, they get the experience of a real penis penetrates within them. 

Feel empowered

Some of the Tran’s girls feel extremely feminine when they top with people of every gender. Her femininity feels empowered as she fucks with his manliness. Their topping is stimulated with energy to challenge the manhood of her partner. Alternatively, with a straight woman, she is unable to define her feminineness. She reconciles with the fact that two girls are having sex even if one has a penis to penetrate, while the other does not without using a strap-on. 

Topping as a lesbian is appreciated because she feels strong and supportive. She is retaining her feminineness and not suppressing it. The majority of T-girls who prefer the bottom can explore the pleasures of topping. Some desire to make their partner feel good. It doesn’t matter if her partner has more control over a body part than she does. 

Topping service can transform an act into mutual pleasure even if the one topping is influenced more by kindness than by sex drive. She feels, she is sharing a part with her partner that she doesn’t usually like. She even feels that she is not just vulnerable but pushing her comfort zone boundaries. 

A rape narrative

Tops are assumed to possess no sexual boundaries. It is expected that tops give the bottom without question. She feels that her actions are per the bottom’s consent. Ignoring the vulnerability that accompanies topping bolsters an idea that the bottoming partner is passive, which supports rape culture. There has to be a discussion about boundaries when you enjoy sex with a Tran’s woman. Otherwise, topping can incline in the direction of discomfort and if not discussed it can slide towards violation.

Several of the Tran’s women hesitate to top because they are anxious. Her fear shoots from the jeopardy of violating her partner, especially if the partner was a cis woman she would be positioned indirectly as a dominant man. The narrative would be a rape, where men hurt women. 

Top and bottom are constrained with relations of power. Therefore, the submissive and dominant roles that are openly concerned with intended power exchanges have been often associated with bottoming and topping, respectively. Several Trans women does not top because the promises like interpersonal dominance and physical control do not arouse them. Besides, they don’t find power in bottoming but they don’t necessarily desire it. They are satisfied with being submissive!