Is M5 Band Really Useful?


M5 Band with its overall features bring lots of advantages for almost everyone of all ages. It is not only useful but also good-looking, thanks to its slim design. For sure, it is also very light that all users feel like they don’t wear it at all. 

Ever since it was launched at the beginning of 2020, it has great demands worldwide, thanks to its excellent features and high versatility. But, is it really useful?

At a glance, this device looks like a watch that most youngsters wear. The design is slim, regardless of the 0.96-inch LCD display, which is considered big. Through this screen, users can’t only read time, but also data that contain users’ health. 

This is definitely a great technology, in which users can examine their accurate health condition at any time and anywhere. It is not surprising, though as it is connected to users’ mobile phone app. 

Well, some people might have thought that there were lots of products that offer similar features. Smartwatches in Sri Lanka have been popular during the past five years, and M5 Band comes along with its highly developed, user-friendly system. It boasts a fitness tracker that becomes the main reason for buyers to own it. Be a proud owner of an M5 smart watch in Sri Lanka by ordering at a low price on

 The tracker is considered very accurate in showing the users’ activities throughout the day. Besides, the device can easily notice the real-time location, wherever they go. Accessing the device is as simple as touching the screen to check the available features. 

Many users think that M5 Band is only useful for tracking the running statistics. Well, it is true that users can figure out their speed configuration, as well as access how many calories that they need to burn, along with the distance that they should go through to reach their customized target.  Undoubtedly, people on a diet need this to control their daily consumption, which should never be too much, nor too little. 

As a matter of fact, this device is also good for health tracking, in which users can control their daily activities perfectly. They can even check whether they have adequate sleep or not. 

Believe it or not, not all people have a quality sleep, due to their lack of knowledge in maintaining their daily activities. Some people think that sleeping for eight hours is good enough for their health. 

But, there are times when people get interrupted sleep during the eight-hour sleeping. No wonder, they still feel dizzy, once they wake up, while the feeling continues until the rest of the day. This is when they need a tracker like M5 Band that can even work in parallel, even when users disconnect the application. 

It means M5Band is not only useful for tracking the daily exercise, but also very helpful in maintaining its users’ daily life control. Imagine that users can easily figure out how many calories that they have gained, and notice that they should burn them with certain measurements. This smart device can be the best reminder for everyone, who might not take his health for granted previously.