Laster Treatment- The method to cure the problem of Acne



Apart from teens, adults are also suffering from acne problems. There is a treatment more popular among millennials to cure the problem. It is known as laser treatment which is done by a skilled dermatologist. Results of the treatment are hard to predict but here are some facts related to it.

What one must expect from laser treatment used to cure acne?

  1. The process

During the treatment, a strong lightbulb is flashed through a small filter. To create colors, the filter absorbs the light and thus laser is formed. Each color acts differently with your skin. Thus, acne is cured. A particular tissue in the skin is heated to remove the acne.    

In the adult, CO2 laser treatmentis used to as it used high powered beam light. This, in turn, removes the upper layer of skin. Next, the layer below it emerges and you get all-new skin. Due to this upper layer where the acne was present gets removed. It also means in the future you will not have acne breakouts.

  1. Not 100% clear skin

It is known that laser can reduce acne to a great extent. But, the result is not 100%. These treatments are accompanied by medications to completely cure acne. Dermatologist suggests you various other medicines to give best results. You need to apply them to your skin post-laser treatment.

  1. Need a good number of sessions

It depends upon your skin type and level of acne as how many sessions you need to take. There are six to eight sessions that one needs. There are some lasers which can be used on all skin type and give results in a few sessions.

  1. Follow up after the treatment

You get results that would stay for long. But to maintain it well, it is advised to visit the doctor once a year.

  1. What are the side-effects?

There are minor side effects of the treatment wherein patients have redness or swelling. This would disappear soon. Apart from that, the patient may have rare problems like pain or blisters. If you have consulted experienced dermatologists, such side-effects are least to happen.

  1. Follow the instructions

Dermatologist gives patients complete instructions before and after the laser treatment. If this is followed properly, results will be as desired. Also, there are fewer chances of side-effects. It is essential to follow what the doctor advises.

  1. What one should expect after the treatment?

It takes time for skin to heal which is between 3 to 10 days. You will need to avoid going in direct sunlight for six weeks. To reduce the swelling it is advised to use cold packs. Your doctor must have given pain medications which you must take regularly.

You will not get instant results. The difference is visible after a few weeks.