Mandalika: Revealing The New Paradise for Traveller


Lombok’s bike sports event is the first “road circuit” using 4.32 kilometres of roads constructed. It is also available to the public inside the brand’s newest Mandalika tourism destination. Since they move around 18 corners as many as 150,000 audiences are likely to appreciate the delight of bikes. However, on the other hand, a tourist destination is presented by Mandalika.

Mandalika: A Nature Lover’s Paradise

Mandalika growth master plan includes a zone for ecotourism. Mangroves will be maintained, and as much as 70 hectares will be set aside for conservation. The public will have access to educational and leisure purposes. A new state street will be constructed connecting the airport into Mandalika. However, Lombok’s airport permits global visitors to the south of the island over half an hour. This is a part of preparing Lombok as a “superb priority tourism destination” in Indonesia.

Located west of Bali, Lombok, in 4,514 square km, it has much to offer with a way of nature-based tourism. Mountain climbing, waterfall swimming, trekking and biking are just a few. A bazaar that functions local and small enterprises has been finished over the compound of an area. Infrastructure has been completed in stage among development. Five beaches are stretching across 16km of Lombok’s southern shore, rimming clear waters, for swimming and swimming.

Carrying the Concept of Community-Based Tourism

Visitors into MotoGP could take the opportunity to explore the attractions and sights of Lombok. The cultural supply of Lombok is indeed unique, especially with the Sasak woven cloths like the songket as well as pottery. Various tours are there that take tourists to emporiums, boutiques and villages. The heat of these people and their smiles surely make tourists feel at home.

Community-based tourism The opportunities for Lombok are certainly there using Mandalika bright and shiny “sportainment” along with ecotourism programs on the horizon. In lies the challenge. Would require practices and training by Lombok’s residents who have no background whatsoever in tourists. Together with physical conditions, the requirement to communicate fluently in English and other foreign languages should be taken into consideration as an essential part of the training modules.

Tourism is also an integral feature of Mandalika development. A part of this is turning homes to Mandalika to homestays as hosted accommodation for visitors and tourists during the MotoGP occasion.


Smart Way Heading to Mandalika

From the airport, it could take about 1.5 hours drive to reach Senggigi primary tourist areas from the west of Lombok. Have a trip to Teluk Nara’s jetty for those heading to the Gili Islands. It requires about a 30 minutes drive to Kuta, the south-west of Lombok.

For now, there are some direct flights to Lombok’s global airport, i.e. Zainuddin Abdul Madjid International Airport from Singapore (via SilkAir) and Perth (through AirAsia). You can also connect via Bali. By Bali, flights from Ngurah Rai International Airport (Bali) to Zainuddin Abdul Madjid International Airport (Lombok) (IATA: LOP) take about 40 minutes.

Reduce your carbon footprint by travel using ferries. Public ferries depart from Padang Bai in Southeast Bali and Lembar in Southwest Lombok on an hourly basis, taking at least 4-5 hours to make the crossing in either direction.

Services are available from some departure points on Bali and serve the Gili Islands, together with some essential onward traffic to the Lombok mainland. Arrival points on Lombok are all dependent upon the operator, all on the northwest coast, at Teluk Nare/Teluk Kodek or the township of Senggigi. Running standards differ widely.

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