Pros and Cons of Bundling Phone, TV and Internet


Phones, television and the internet are your best friends in this digital age and it’s impossible to imagine surviving without these even though they might seem to burn a hole in your pocket. However, their advantages outweigh the disadvantages and keep your connected, increase productivity and allow you to regain your senses after a hard day’s work. With the advent of smartphones, these are now so popular that several providers offer these packages with bundled interfaces to let you enjoy the benefits of all these facilities in one package. The best example of one is Bravo Telecom’s unlimited internet, You get to enjoy the services of telephone, best bundle deals for tv internet at one go.

There is sometimes scope for argument when it comes to the pros and cons of bundling phone, tv and internet and we attempt to weigh these below.

Weighing the Pros

Ease of Access

One of the most beneficial factor of bundling phone, tv and internet is ease of access. A decade ago, when smartphones began to emerge as the technologies of the future, there were still many users vary of switching over and would carry one or more devices such as a traditional feature phone for communication, cable or satellite television at home for entertainment and a wired broadband connection to access the internet. Convergence technology got introduced to the masses and feature phones now started getting internet on GSM and CDMA phones using special browsers and GPRS connectivity bundled with your phone subscription. This led to invasion of technologies such as EDGE and 3G that allowed video streaming and now 4G revolutionized the system where you get to watch even your favorite television shows through video-on-demand service providers on your smartphones. This prompted visionary companies like Bravo Telecom to bundle these together and provide easier access to people wanting 3-in-1 benefits.

Improved Productivity

One of the major pros of this system comes about as improved productivity for individuals skill assessment test. With a bundled phone, tv and internet package you can continue to perform your work duties while on the go such as making phone calls, sending emails, accessing apps, staying entertained and generally staying connected. This helps improve productivity and saves time as you don’t have to reach some place or the other to access either of these facilities. 

Easy Management

As everything comes bundled, you don’t have to worry about renewing or recharging each of these from different providers and different rate slabs and other nitty gritty. With a bundled connection, all you need to do is keep renewing your existing package for as long as you require. Whether you are a working individual, a housemaker or student, a smartphone with bundled services is the best tool to help you improve productivity.


There could be some cons too to bundled technologies. One of these is the cost factor. Bundled facilities are priced by taking average usage of each of the included facility into consideration and apply certain limitations to the usage of each. This might not register well with certain users who tend to use one facility more than the others. However, in recent times this trend is changing, and more and more users are going in for bundled phone, tv and internet reference for their greater advantages and ease of access.