Sweet Cravings | A Guide on How to Manage Your Diabetes


Do you crave to eat sweets?

If so, no worries. You are not alone since sweet cravings are more common than you think it is. As you have noticed, sugar is everywhere. You can see it as the ingredient of many products advertised on your newsfeed or TV.

As stated in this study, sweet cravings are common due to two main reasons. One is a sedentary lifestyle, and the other is easy access to inexpensive foods. Because of this, more and more people are craving to eat sweets.

Unfortunately, letting this kind of desire take over is not that healthy. Even more, for people with diabetes since eating too many sweets can spike up their sugar levels. That is the case for 422 million people who have diabetes worldwide. They cannot precisely satisfy their sweet cravings as regular people would do.

How do they satisfy their sweet cravings?

The only way is to manage their diabetes. Doing so should help diabetic people eat cake from time to time in Singapore.

If you want to find out exactly what they do to manage their diabetes, keep on reading. The list below will tell you the ways.

How Should I Manage My Diabetes?

There are growing diabetic management trends going on the internet today. Several public figures have shown their routine and diet on how they manage their diabetes when craving sweets.

Unfortunately, a diabetic management plan is not one size fits all. That means other people’s methods may not work or are suitable for you. That is why you should consider consulting a diabetic doctor. They know better what to do, so you can manage your diabetes even if you are craving to eat sweets.

Nevertheless, here are the safe and effective ways to manage your diabetes while satisfying your sweet cravings.


That is because complex carbohydrates like low carbs bread take longer to digest than simple carbs.

Does this matter also apply to simple carbs found in nature?

Certainly not since fruits and milk offer natural nutrients which are healthy for the body.

The simple cards you should avoid or rarely eat are candy and soda. These two are quick and easy for the body to digest, which can cause a sudden spike in blood sugar levels.


To guarantee the blood sugar level would not suddenly spike up, you should use these two things.

The difference between the two is that the former allows you to see how much sugar a food has. As such, you can prevent yourself from eating those in your diet.

Meanwhile, the latter enables you to check the actual blood sugar level in your body. That means you can monitor yourself, and you do not have to often go to the doctor and get a blood sugar test. But you may do so if you think you need it and want to know the views and opinion of the doctor.


Eating an equal amount of protein, healthy fat, fruit, and vegetables helps you get full and lowers your carb intake as a result.

In other words, a balanced diet can help reduce the blood sugar level in the body. That is why you should make sure you eat enough and include the go, grow, and glow food in your diet, from breakfast to dinner.


Though indulging might sound like a weird idea when managing diabetes, it helps. Note that the more you deprive yourself of eating keto desserts or whatever sweets in Singapore, the more you would crave to eat it. When that happens, you might be able to control yourself.

To prevent that from happening, you should drop by a diabetic cake shop in Singapore and buy sweets good for people with diabetes.


There is a reason why you should. According to a spokesperson from the Georgia Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Kristen Smith, these types of food often contain flour and other carbohydrates ingredients, which is not good. Eating these would only spike the sugar level in the body.

That is why when you notice a sugar-free phrase on the foods you plan to buy, think again and consider buying something else instead.


Besides soda, juice, and fruit punch, sports drinks and bottled teas also contain sugar, which can raise the glucose level in the body. Therefore, if you love drinking any of these, you should consider healthier options like water with lemon zest or actual tea that you brewed.

Doing so should help you manage your diabetes more, and you can satisfy your sweet cravings in other ways, like eating a diabetic friendly cake in Singapore.


If you do, you are only putting yourself at risk. You should know that if you miss a meal a day, your blood sugar level will fluctuate. And the more you skip a meal, the lower your sugar level gets, causing the following.

  • Eat more food later.
  • Feel more tired.
  • Your mind seems foggy.
  • You sweat a lot.
  • Have a blurred vision.


As you know, water contains no sugar, which makes it a healthier option to lower the blood sugar level in your body. That happens by releasing the excess glucose through urine.

That is why when you are craving sweets like keto cakes, pair them with a glass of water. Doing so should help you maintain the blood sugar level in your body.

Be Smart When Managing Your Diabetes!


Being able to manage your diabetes allows you to eat your favourite keto cakes in Singapore. As such, you do not have to worry about your blood sugar spiking up since you already know what to do.

But to guarantee you would not amiss what to do, save this article on your smartphone. Doing so should help you manage your diabetes more and satisfy your sweet cravings with keto desserts in Singapore.

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