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It is nothing new to say that good lawyers, in addition to dominating matters relating to their area of ​​practice, should speak well. However, having a mastery of rhetoric and communicative resources is not always easy for everyone. But this does not mean that those who do not have the “gift” of good communication cannot learn and start to present good oratory. On the contrary! It is necessary to put into practice some techniques that certainly help when expressing yourself.

A brief look at the history of legal oratory

The purpose of this treaty was to guide lawyers to work on the causes of people who wanted to recover property and property that had been taken over by tyrants. Much later, in the year 1828, the legal oratory in Brazil arises, from the constitution of the first legal schools. For Merriam lawyer theft you need to know this.

Speaking well increases your chances of success

Lawyers have an arsenal of tools used to carry out their work. However, it is necessary to highlight two fundamental resources: his intellectual capacity and his orality. Mastering the laws and knowing the best way to use them in a process is crucial for your work to be successful, but in addition, all your knowledge needs to be clearly expressed and, usually, the way to express it is through of speech.

  • Thus, speaking well is a requirement made to those who decide to pursue a career in law, as their universe demands discursive practice. And those who think that only lawyers who work in large companies or who already have recognition need to communicate assertively are mistaken. Regardless of the situation in which the professional finds himself, it is necessary to know the best way to express himself.
  • When dealing with clients, much of your job will be to advise and negotiate in order to seek success in negotiations. That is why clear and objective communication is essential. Being able to use good oratory makes the lawyer well evaluated by clients, partners and all the other people with whom he comes to relate. Communicating well will attract the confidence of the people around you.

In addition, it is essential for the lawyer to pay attention to all the details, since good communication presupposes knowing how to speak and also knowing how to listen. A good lawyer is usually observant in relation to everything that his client says to him and, also, what the other people at the time affirm. Thus, when concatenating all the information obtained, it is enough to organize a quality oratory to work with primacy.

Crucial tips for good communication

Now that we have already highlighted the importance of public speaking and communication for the work of lawyers, it is interesting to highlight some advice for achieving the mastery of appropriate language.


The first tip we highlight is to have a vast vocabulary domain. There are times when it will be necessary to select more specific words from the legal environment and more formality. However, when talking to the customer, for example, it will often be necessary to use simplified terms, so that the person can understand the explanation. The ideal is not to exaggerate neither in formality nor in informality.