The Pros And Cons of Live VS. Virtual Events


Recent happenings have made us look for alternatives when it comes to holding events. While having live events is still important to businesses for a variety of reasons, congregating many people into a single space can be inadvisable or even impossible at times. Sometimes it’s just plain inconvenient to figure out a way to host them all, other times it can be dangerous to people’s health (as the COVID-19 pandemic has sadly taught us).

But just because we can’t hold live events at certain times, doesn’t mean that you completely have to cancel your event. Thanks to modern technology, you have several options regarding how to arrange your event successfully without having to host a live one. Have you ever heard of virtual events? Virtual events are events that are held online or through various digital means.

The prominence of virtual events in recent years

Virtual events are on the rise nowadays. Today, you can easily find a good virtual event platform in Singapore and compare them to others. They have been useful before the pandemic, but for the past year or so, they have become the backbone of many businesses and might continue to be in the near future. Many companies are switching to remote work as they find more convenient and efficient alternatives.

If you’re a business owner, chances are that you’ve needed to arrange and host an event for many different purposes– whether they may be for marketing your brand’s products and services, making company-wide announcements or activities, or for simply holding a meeting. Whatever your reason may be, why not consider holding your event virtually?

There are many events that you can hold through digital means. For example, there are four general types of virtual events.

– Virtual conferences, which are almost like in-person conferences and focuses on a live agenda and allows attendees to communicate and interact with each other;

– Webinars, which allow attendees to listen in on one or more speakers who are presenting on a focused topic, and are usually of an educational nature;

– Hybrid events, which are further subdivided into two categories, internal and external. Hybrid events are so-called because they include elements of both live and virtual events. Internal events are held within the company, such as company-wide meetings, and external events are those that involve people from outside your organisation, such as a trade show and virtual exhibition in Singapore.

If you want to hold a virtual event in Singapore, your possibilities are nearly endless. Online or digital platforms have been used in a colourful range of ways, and can sometimes be more desirable than holding live events.

Don’t know if you should be holding a virtual or live event for your company’s next occasion? Before you start looking for a virtual event company in Singapore or dismissing live or virtual events entirely, check out some of the pros and cons of both.

Advantages and disadvantages: live vs. virtual



Pros: It gives you a more intimate experience. There’s just something about going to an event, meeting people in person, chatting face to face with speakers, and witnessing everything at the venue that makes everything more memorable. When you’re just seeing everything filtered through a screen, it can feel much less personal. Virtual event attendees can feel a bit detached from the event.

Another thing to note is that live events often give you a better ROI. Do not underestimate the power of in-person interactions. You have better chances to network and form relationships with your guests in person than online. Since live events give a more intimate experience, they impact attendees more profoundly.

Cons: Monitoring and gathering data about attendees and their experiences can be difficult. Want to know some relevant data about your attendees for marketing and other business purposes? It would be significantly more challenging for you to collect data on them because you have to hire expensive data collection services. It also has a chance of not being as accurate as collecting data online.


Pros: Much less expensive. Even if you hire the best virtual event organiser in Singapore, your expenses are not going to come close to a live event. Your expense per attendee will be significantly lower, due to the fact that you won’t have to worry about things like catering, gift bags, and more. You also don’t have to worry much about venue rentals, staff, and other typical expenses.

By nature, it’s also more accessible than live shows. Who here hasn’t had the experience of turning down a live event because they were too far from the venue and couldn’t access it? Virtual events can help make your content more accessible to a larger audience, drawing in people from around the world.

Cons: You’ll have a higher rate of no-shows. When all you need to do to attend a virtual event is to log into a screen, it’s tempting to just skip the event because you don’t feel like it. There is less at stake when you’re attending an online event, so it can be very tempting for people to just be a no-show.

Attendees also have a shorter attention span. It’s so much easier to tune out of a virtual event than walk out of a live one. And virtual event attendees have a lot of distractions on the internet. Virtual event organisers have to think of smart ways that they can attract and hold people’s attention.

Do your research before settling on an event type and whether you want to hold it virtually or live. There are certain events that work better either way. Both live and virtual events are here to stay.

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