Why Buy Domain and Web Hosting from HostingRaja for Your Website?


Who doesn’t like to have their own website? Do you want to buy domain and hosting that really makes a difference? Meet HostingRaja, a web hosting service provider in India that will really give you what you need. Economic prices, accessibility, speed and design, all on the same host, if you want to have a web of excellence, this service is what you need.

HostingRaja had its beginnings in 2012. Since then, it had such rapid growth that in less than 5 years they already had over 150,000 registered customers.

One of the things that most attracts me from HostingRaja is that, it works with developers around the world to improve open source content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and much more.

HostingRaja usually offers cheap web hosting for developers.

Currently, they hosts more than two million websites and this figure continues to rise month by month because its popularity continues to increase.

The Benefits of HostingRaja

HostingRaja has the easiest solution to host content on the Internet. Thanks to the hosting, you don’t have to worry about the upload speed of your files on the web, nor about their security, etc. They take care of everything.

Because of this, having a domain name and hosting becomes essential to start a  website localization services and launch your projects.

HostingRaja offers reasonable packages to hire, they include a domain, hosting and even free SSL Certificates (we’ll see later what this is for).

You can custom create email accounts for free. eg:  yourname@yourcompany.com

If you also want it and you already have a domain you can also take it to HostingRaja. Here are some other benefits:

#1 Amazing Technical support

Its main advantage is the good quality of its technical support. 24 hours a day have the inconvenience you have they are there to help you. Personally, I have contacted them at different times of the day and they have always explained things to me clearly.

What I found very rewarding is that they are very aware that if you have problems with your site, all you want is the solution. They do not go around the bush.

#2 Control Panel

The control panel (as I like to call it) is modern and tidy. It is easy to find what you need.

Half of the items may not be used, but it is good to know that everything can be found quickly.

#3 Ease of Installation

Speed ​​seems to be one of its qualities. Offer quick installation. Within 20 minutes of buying the service you can already be configuring your WordPress to start your digital project.

#4 Affordable Price

Ideally, having low price and high quality is impossible today. What stands out for HostingRaja is its quality, and that is why we have chosen it as the hosting of over 150,000 customers around the world.

The price they offer in their different packages is (in my opinion) relatively cheaper that can be obtained by using another type of hosting. What gives them that competitive advantage is the way HostingRaja manages its clients’ sites and the transparency with which they do so.

#5 Free SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are what enable your site to become a secure site. Google has new regulations by which it distinguishes the safe sites from the unsafe ones, and differentiates them by means of a green padlock to the left of the URL address in which you are. That’s why secure sites like Google, Facebook and Amazon have it. That’s why we have it.

Having it increases the possibility of improving our SEO positioning and gives the user more confidence that the site they access is a secure site.

Very few services offer this feature for free and unlimited. HostingRaja does it!

Overall, I do recommend this India hosting company and I believe your website will stay for a long time here. So, are you interested to use their hosting services? Let us know in the comment below!