Why Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?


A criminal defense lawyer plays a crucial role in defending the rights of someone charged with a criminal offense. Crimes can vary on a wider range from a felony to a misdemeanor. Depending on the severity of the crime, punishment can range from community service ora petty penalty to imprisonment for years or capital punishment.

Representing a criminal defendant during a criminal proceeding is very important. The US Constitution guarantees that every citizen, irrespective of color, race, religion, and ethnicity, is entitled to be represented during court proceedings.

As criminal cases vary on a wider range in terms of type and severity, therefore, you should enquire about what services your lawyer will be able to offer before hiring the professional to represent you.

Why Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer Important?

Criminal law is not simple. In fact, it is the most complex body of federal and state legislation. Each state has its own definition of state crimes and punishment for the crimes. State crimes constitute the majority of criminal offenses. Exceptions are there and these include causing injury to a federal employee or damage to federal property.

Many of us have no idea about criminal law or criminal justice procedures. Failing to understand criminal case proceedings or criminal law hinders in building an adequate defense to plead ‘Not Guilty’.

Though every individual is entitled to self-representation, it is less likely to produce any good. Poor legal representation often has severe consequences. Misdemeanors are lesser crimes and might entail only a small fine or a short-time jail sentence whereas, felonies are more severe crimes and might entail imprisonment for years.

This is why a defendant should hire an Orlando criminal lawyer having knowledge about the law and experience in handling an offense same as or similar to yours.

Pre-Trial Services

Criminal defense lawyers can help their clients throughout the criminal justice proceeding including pre-trial. Some people prefer to retain an attorney as soon as the investigation starts even before the charge is slapped against the person. It happens if a person is already a suspect and believes that a charge will be brought against him or her. In such circumstances, a criminal defense lawyer advises the defendant not to reveal any incriminating detail when being questioned by the investigating officer.

A criminal defense counsel also tries to convince a court to drop criminal charges against the defendant based on collected evidence or improper process. A suitable example may help explain the matter. A police officer, in many cases, must have probable cause (convincing reasons to believe that the alleged person has committed the offense) to arrest the person.

As probable cause is clearly defined in every jurisdiction and a criminal defense attorney has a proper understanding of probable cause, the professional may offer a strong challenge to the officers in court. If the lawyer can establish that the officer might not have any probable cause to probe the alleged crime scenario and arrest the defendant, charges against the individual may be dropped before a court trial starts.

Trial Services

A criminal defense attorney analyses the defendant’s case evaluates its strengths and weaknesses to figure out a defense strategy in collaboration with the defendant. The professional may also discuss with the client about the advantages and disadvantages of pleading guilty, particularly when a plea bargain is in place.