Why Should You Only Get Eyelash Extensions from a Licensed Salon?


What do you do the moment you wake up in the morning? Do you also instinctively reach for your phone? If yes, you are part of the people immersed in an alternative reality called social media.

In the digital age when one click of a comment can cause detrimental effects to users, women are taking control. Perceptions of standards of beauty are shifting. From having a full set of make-up, you will see photos and hashtags that people are going bare and getting beauty treatments that they know will make them feel good. Whether it is a lash lift or eyelash extensions, users are encouraging each other to stay honest and accepting of flaws.

With the devastating effects of social media on self-esteem, it is time that you own yourself and do what makes you feel happy and beautiful. The rise of unrealistic beauty standards have victimised several women, and it might have included you.

Therefore, in this article, you will learn how to learn from your mistakes and take charge of your decisions, especially when it comes to getting eyelash extensions or a lash lift in Singapore. By the end of this article, you will know why you should only always get beauty treatments from a licensed salon!


3 Horror Stories of Bad Eyelash Extensions

To start, here are the signs that you have experienced eyelash extensions that are not the way it is supposed to be:


A tangled mess

If it has been past 48 hours, you have permission to wash your lashes and apply mascara. Of course, it must be done gently. However, when your elbows are starting to hurt because you cannot brush through your lashes, the hairs that your technician applied must have been done poorly.

One of the most obvious signs that your extensions were applied by an unprofessional and inexperienced technician is that you are unable to brush your mascara wand through it. There might have been too much glue that stuck hairs together. The worst of it is that one of those stuck hairs may be one of your natural lashes.

This sign alone, you must already know you should get your eyelash extensions from a licensed salon!

The hairs poke and irritate your eyes

It is not a good feeling when tiny hair is always poking your eyes. It already hurts enough when one of your natural eyelashes falls out and nestled inside your eye. You do not need a loosely applied eyelash extension hair spinning, twisting, and turning every time you blink.

Likened to a successful eyebrow embroidery in Singapore, your lash extensions should sit comfortably with your natural eyelashes. It should never be applied to your skin. If so, it means your past technician does not know what they are doing.

If you do not want to be at risk of blepharitis, hair loss, infection, or allergy, go to a licensed beauty studio.

There is a burning sensation

Anything that is burning in your skin is not good. When this comes from having a session of eyelash extensions, you must know that they could have done better, or you could have had it done somewhere else.

Burning in your eyes comes from the low-quality glue that your technician applied. The glue fumes will cause immense discomfort and be eye-watering. Some clients had to sit in front of her air conditioner to stop the burning because the cold blow helps. It should not be that way!

You must be able to go about your day after a lash extension session. If anything, you should feel relaxed, pleasant, and comfortable with your latest beauty treatment.

Among these common horrors of having bad lash extensions, have you experienced at least one? If so, you deserve better. Beauty treatments should make you feel good, not bring you discomfort or pain. Thankfully, there are dedicated individuals and establishments to bring you that experience!


Why Should You Only Get Eyelash Extensions from a Licensed Beauty Studio?

Your eyelashes are a focal point for your beauty regimen. Many women and men, including you, spend years in search of the perfect mascara that gives a full, perfect look that properly showcases their eyes.

It is obvious that you give your lashes great importance, and it makes sense to have only the best technicians or artists to give you the best eyelash extensions, right? After all, it is the same as how you will never give anyone permission to give you a tattoo or perform surgery on you.

Therefore, it is clear that you certainly do not want to trust random hairdressers to cut and style your hair. You should be just as discriminating in your choice of eyelash salon! Here are some reasons why you should only seek professional eyelash extensions:


A clean environment

While you probably understand the importance of cleanliness, in the middle of a pandemic or not, a clean salon is the standard of professionalism. They are also required by law. It ensures both client and employee safety.

Upon entrance to a licensed lash extension and lash lift salon in Singapore, you will see that their equipment and rooms are dust-free and clean of any debris. No pets will be present, no one is eating food, and the trash cans are hidden.

They will also have a steriliser, which is used to eliminate germs and bacteria on surfaces. Rooms will also have a humidifier because humidity plays an integral part in the application of your lashes. Most importantly a clean bathroom will also be readily available, complete with hand soap and other toiletries!

Cruel-free materials

Amongst the overflowing cases of the makeup and skincare industry that uses animals to test their products, you do not want to be an accessory to that or even enable such practices. You want to be certain that your potential studio is not participating in any kind of cruel practices.

If you opt for mink material for your extension because they are more natural-looking than eyelash extensions, licensed salons source them from legitimate providers. Mink lashes are carefully brushed from the forest animal called sable. However, if you are allergic to such, there are licensed salons that offer faux mink lashes that can mimic the real ones!

Chemical-safe glues

Beauty studios use quality adhesive that is free of formaldehyde. Most eyelash extensions adhesives contain cyanoacrylate. But, you must be aware there are different grades of cyanoacrylate.

Some of the most effective adhesives come in black. People who have sensitive eyes may develop an allergy to glue. If so, they can expect to see the black dye (carbon black) that is irritating.

What you must remember when going to a lash extension or lash lift salon in Singapore are your allergies. If back in the day you used to have acrylic nails and developed an allergy, it is likely it was from cyanoacrylate contained in the adhesive. If so, it is best to protect your eyes and forgo extensions.

What will be your best bet? Go to a Korean beauty salon and ask for a medical-grade formaldehyde-free adhesive that is deemed safe in many countries.

Licensed lash artist

Professional certification and licensing are different from industry to industry. Sometimes, the terms are interchangeable. In the lash industry, the difference matters because you will want to go to a salon with licensed lash professionals.

A licensed lash artist or technician is a sign of professionalism. It ensures that what they do for you is quality work and that you are safe in their hands. If you encounter an unlicensed artist and have had a bad experience with them, you can report it to associations to prevent them from having this individual get a license.

Either way, you should not be letting just anyone give you eyelash extensions. You will want someone who has at least six months of consistent, full-time practice. Anyone with less experience will likely still need fine-tuning, especially if they are only applying lashes as their part-time.

Various services

Typically, an appointment for lash extensions will last around 75 to 90 minutes. It happens when you already know what you want and have no need to get a consultation from the establishment’s stylists or artists.

If it has been a while since you got an eyelash extension due to a bad experience, you will never go wrong in choosing a licensed salon that can provide you with a consultation. They may offer this as a free service, but some will likely collect money from you from having such.

Nonetheless, it is worth the money. Why? You will have a professional look into the needs of your lashes. They will give you advice and recommendations on which material you should choose among what they can offer. Although, you can expect to spend at least 90 minutes in the salon for this.

A certified salon can also offer you other beauty services to amplify your beauty. With them, they will be open to also give you eyebrow embroidery that only a few Singapore salons can offer. Whether you also need eyelash regrowth, eyelash tinting, or anything that has to do with lashes, you can trust that you will get them in one salon!

Are you excited to give eyelash and eyebrow salons another try? If so, you should not be in a hurry. There is still a checklist that you need to follow to ensure that you are getting them from a qualified service provider!


Factors to Consider When Choosing an Eyelash and Eyebrow Salon

Not so long ago, only celebrities had access to pampering services of eyelash and eyebrow salons. Today, thankfully, all men and women can have them on their free days. Before you go out and enter a nearby salon, you must consider these factors first:


Cost of the service

Eyelash extensions will range in price between S$100 to S$280, depending on the number of lashes that have been applied to the lashline. For some, this might be a hefty price, but it is a small price to pay for the benefits that it brings. You get to save time in the morning and money from fewer makeup products!

What is the length of the lashes you prefer?

Expect various styles and designs once you enter a beauty studio that offers lashes extensions. If you want a full, fluffy volume effect that can highlight your eyes, you might want to choose the ultra volume options. It uses ultra-fine 0.03 to 0.05mm lashes!

If you do not know which length you want yet, licensed salons have professionally trained lash artists to understand your expectations.

What did customers say?

The way to avoid another bad experience is to read customer reviews. Trust that their first-hand experience will also likely happen to you. If they are negative or have a low rating, best to avoid that salon.

In any case, a reputable lash extension and lash lift salon in Singapore will always address the concerns of its customers. You should call them beforehand before you visit their branch for peace of mind!

Besides these essential factors, you must never forget to consider the safety measures that their branches practice. As much as possible, you should talk to them about an appointment to avoid having unnecessary interactions with other people. Remember to prioritise your safety always!


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